A Photo of Plachimada, India

Plachmada, Kerala

openDemocracy's staff blog is using my picture took at Plachimada, India.
The entry is about struggle between Indian people and soft drink giants.

Plachmada, Kerala

I'm happy if my picture can do something for this kind of media (it's very independent and alternative).
And I hope you people reading this to see my other photos took in Plachimada, especially people (mainly people known as Adivasi or tribal people)'s vigil and their leader Ms. Mylama speaking in front of their supporters.


At 6:04 AM, Blogger kR said...

Good pics! Its great how a village has come out against the world's largest soft drink company and shaken it well! But over the last few years, it seems the struggle has been forgotten. We need to remind the companies that they gotta keep their practices in check if they wanna operate.


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